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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I miss my Person!

Her doing what she did all day - preparing for homecoming and me doing what I did all day - taking pictures of homecoming!
She is in Fargo, North Dakota (yeah, let's hope it doesn't end up like it did for all those folks in the movie). She is staying there with her family while her husband moves everything to CA. Hopefully Gabe and I will be living there in 3 weeks when she gets there. But there is really no telling with the Army. At least we know his paper work is on the move. Anyway, it stinks not having her here. Though during the deployment she was in Fargo (golly, every time I say it I think of murder - thanks, Coen brothers) for... I think 9 months? Anyway, I miss her! And Ayden! But I'm glad that she doesn't have to deal with moving again. And a few weeks is a small price to pay to have her in California with me. It's such a huge blessing - God is so good! It really, truly is a dream come true - and not just for me, but for Gabe, Beth, Levi and probably Ayden and the dogs though they are much less vocal. But she has always loved CA and of course we have gained a much better appreciation for it since we left... I think that Beth and I will both probably consider ourselves, at least in part, honorary North Carolinians for the rest of our lives. It's funny how things come full circle like that. We hated it with a deep and burning passion when we first got here - when it was the place we had to say goodbye to our husbands (and by extension, our worlds) in. But now that it is the place we felt most secure, the place we embraced our husbands back into there is a real tender love for NC. Even with the artillery and Army protocol and the street systems that almost requires you to get into an accident, this place is still very near and dear to our hearts. We both built our new lives here when we were newlywed. We both learned what real love and marriage are about here. We both found people here that captured our hearts. We both explored new levels in our walks with the Lord here. We've both felt the deepest pain and the most glorious joy right here in North Carolina. So, Beth, I know why it's hard for you to leave it... It's hard for me, too. And along with all of these things, Beth and I became friends here and, for me at least, life changed. :-)

I miss you, Person! But I'm glad I didn't have to say goodbye to you for good.

Ok, Army! Let us go now so we can be WESTWARD BOUND!

I have been playing Oregon Trail on my phone so... I'm feeling like a pioneer. And I got to Oregon without killing anyone... I'm pretty excited about that.


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