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{Momma} Krysann: Tree-Handshaker

I am a writer. Not like a famous, acclaimed, publishing-to-appease-the-fans writer, but it is in my soul. I guess I'm what you'd call a "creative." I was never drawn to math or science because.... It's math and science. People who are drawn to those things (like my husband) are freaks to me. I'm fascinated with a lot of things in science, but the vast majority is way over my head. I imagine cells have feelings and am sad to think they die off all the time.

I started writing as early as I could. I kept a journal and wrote down things that happened in my day. {"Today we went swimming." "Today Kaleb stubbed his toe."} Gradually I became more reflective and here we are! It is, to me, a necessity. I am more myself when I can chisel my thoughts into letters and punctuation. My mind is a wooly cloud of jumbled theories and ideas too big for my head. Writing has always helped me from floating off.

My deepest desire is to search for and land in Truth. I trust and follow God (Judeo-Christian) and as I wrestle through what that means I share what He teaches me and what I am burdened with.

This blog has always been a journal of sorts. I share my heart here. I hope that you are encouraged in some way or that you learn something {even through my foolishness}. I hope that if you are struggling with similar things that I struggle with, you feel my spirit's hand grabbing hold of yours. That if you are rejoicing in similar things you feel my spirit doing a happy dance with you. Wherever you are on your journey I hope you find this to be a worthwhile pit stop. :)

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