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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting Out

Alright, so a while ago, before Gabe came home, I wrote a list of some things I was looking forward to with his return. I love making lists. In fact, if I could be a professional list-maker, I would definitely do it 40 hours a week. Now that he is home and we are anticipating his separation from the Army, I am thinking of the things I will be glad to say goodbye to. Some people love the military life and that's fine for them, but Gabe and I were definitely not meant to live this life until retirement. So there are aspects of it that we will say "Good Riddance" to (and a few we will miss).

I will be glad to say goodbye to...

...14 hour work days in which my husband does nothing even remotely related to his MOS.
...field training.
...mandatory fun days.
...smelly ACUs.
...getting calls at 3am because some idiot soldier got a DUI and his entire company has to go in and get smoked (which I can assure you is not just a stern lecture - I don't know what all they do, but I saw them carry logs).
...having large sums of money missing from random paychecks because the Army "made a small mistake" that leaves us with $100 for 2 weeks.
...being teased with a 4-day only to have it taken away.
...having to get permission to go out of town on the weekend.
...having to miss out on get-togethers with family or friends because the Army won't give us leave.
...being owned by the government (or, at least, being married to government property).
...saying hello and goodbye to so many friends because of frequent moves.
...being labeled "Anti-American" simply because we disagree with things the Army and government is doing; as if a soldier is allowed no moral stand on what he sees.
...deployments, of course.

I'll be sad to say goodbye to...

...Gabe's uniform - he looks good.
...marriage retreats every year paid for by the Army.
...the people we are going to have to leave. I'll miss them most of all.

Outside of the Army, there are many things we'll be sad to leave and many things we'll be glad to leave... We've made a home here and it will be very odd to go back to California. But we're excited for it. Soon we'll get a date... God has taken us this far and we know He'll deliver. I'm getting anxious, but I know that He's got a plan and that we just have to trust Him. Jehovah-jireh!

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  1. Amen sista!!!!! And our husbands are going to be cops- so they will still have a hot uniform to come home in!!! Saaweeet!


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