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{Gremlin} Raychel Joye: The Hippie Babe

Raychel Joye is my dream. She is the result of a lot of prayer and a decision to trust God's timing. She is certainly living up to her name!

8 Month Update
-The drool is minimal now.
-She does this scrunchy face that is just crazy adorable when she wants to smile really big.
-She's eating lots of veggies and fruits.
-She is quite needy; when I'm not holding her it doesn't take long for her to get frustrated about it. Unless I'm not around. Then, apparently, she is a perfect angel!
-Her new favorite game is when I drop a blanket/cloth on her face and pull it back up.
-She LOVES Trevor who lives upstairs!
-Tickle spot located: under the belly button. ;)
-3 fingers are still her comfort go-to.
-SO close to crawling! She can turn in a circle pretty well and sometimes she will scoot backwards, but is not getting the hand and knees thing yet.
-She is taking steps while we hold her up. INSANE! (that just happened last night - 3/27/2012 - during group... of course. She does all her milestones during group! lol)

7 Months

7 Month Update
-Still drooling, but it's lessening.
-She has started saying "mamamamama" and the like.
-She mimics me! I gave her a bit of banana and when she saw me take a bite of mine, she did it the exact same way.
-She was fussing for several days and I was concerned that she wasn't getting enough food. So she now eats just as much milk + like 3-4 jars of baby food. She is back to her happy self!
-She does not like to be left alone - especially when she can see us.
-Whenever I walk back into a room she lights up!
-She likes to stick her tongue out (see picture) and make noises or bite on it.
-Still putting those 3 fingers in her mouth! She does it at nap/bed time when she is tired as she closes her eyes... It's a good indicator that she's really ready to go down. :)

6 Months

6 Month Update
-She drools a lot.
-She is reaching for everything. When I put her in her crib she sometimes cries and reaches for me. Not fair, kiddo!
-She has a very strong grip
-EVERYTHING goes straight to her mouth.
-Her hair is growing like a weed. It's wild and beautiful!
-She still has her gorgeous blue eyes.
-She loves sticking her tongue out and blowing.
-No crawling yet, but she has the rolling thing down.
-3 fingers. In her mouth. All the time.

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