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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


As I lay here in bed at 6:45 AM, with Samson the beast crowding up the bed in the most inconvenient way possible, I am also silently lamenting the upcoming loss of the thunderstorms of the south - like this one which caused my dog to wake me up an hour ago by jumping on the bed and uncharacteristically snuggling very close to me in fear. There were some pretty big booms - one that even made me jump as it was accomponied by a lightening strike and also reset the power in the house.... must have been right on top of us.

Samson will be glad to be rid of these common storms, but they will be sorely missed by his mom. I hate the muggy-ness (which is basically when the humidity gets severe enough to inhibit your breathing) that usually follows or precedes a storm here, but I absolutely love the rain and the lightening and the thunder! In California we get fun storms, but not nearly as often. The storms we have are almost always in the winter when it's cold - which I really enjoy. Because of that I've disregarded the actual weather and tried turning on the heater during a storm - even if it's already 88 degrees outside. Gabe said he's felt that compulsion as well (only I guess he's not as impractical as I am). It will be so nice to have those fall/winter storms that last all day long and make hot chocolate taste even better.

Also, Hanna did hit NC, but it really didn't affect us very much at all - Gabe and I have both driven through worse storms even in CA. So no worries there. :-)

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