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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Auntie K, Uncle Gabe... and Cousin Sam!

So yesterday I got a notice from the management office about something that had happened on the property of our apartment complex.... anyway, I was quite shaken and so my dear Person, Beth came and picked me and Sammy up. Winston, the Balls' little daschund mix, is Sam's boyfriend so it was nice for them to have time together. It was a lot of fun hanging out at their place with the Beast and so I took pictures! Ayden doesn't get to see Samson nearly enough. :-)

Beth loving on Samson and Winston trying to get in on the action.

Me with my baby and Winston the tooth-cleaner...

Ayden stacked blocks on him and Samson just layed there.... I think he'll be good with kids afterall.

Auntie K trying to make Ayden take a picture...

Just happened to take a picture at the right moment! The BEAST! And of course.... Winston licking his teeth....

My good old fashioned loverboy.

Ayden playing/eating under Sam's watchful.... ears.

Kissing my awesome dog.

Levi got attached to Samson, too.

Our Walk....
Ayden needed to sleep....

Our studmuffins walking our animals. Or is it the other way around? :-P

The little mini-toad! It peed on Gabe.

I'll miss you, North Carolina.

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