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Saturday, September 8, 2007

I get to be excited now!

I am finding that, in coming upon the last few months of deployment, I am finding huge joy from simply planning our lives together. It is almost as if we are getting married again. By the time we have our 2nd year anniversary 50% of our marriage will have been spent apart. When he gets home we will have some adjusting to do and it will be similar to the adjustments made when we first married. We will have to get used to living together again and get back into our schedule. Of course I am not anticipating this to be a difficult experience, I'm very exctied for it. And when he came home for RR it was like nothing had changed. I mean, we've grown and gotten closer and matured a little, but it was like picking up something that was set down only moments before.

There aren't adequate words to describe what a beautiful man Gabe is. I was thinking today of our future children's spouses (no, I'm not desiring to be a mother, just thinking to the far future). I was thinking that, if we have a daughter, I hope that the man she marries is like Gabe. If she were to find a man as honorable and godly and kind as Gabe, I would have no doubts that she found the very best man possible. I hope that one day I can tell her confidently that she's marrying a magnificent man.. I was thinking about the advice I would give her (this is probably all because I went to a bridal shower today). I thought I would tell her that she must remember that she is marrying a human and he will undoubtedly make a mistake, but that it isn't the mistakes that are made, it's how the mistakes made are handled. Gabe and I have had our tough times and have not been perfect, but I am utterly impressed by the man I married. He isn't perfect, but he is perfectly wonderful. He is God's masterpiece.

Anyway, I am getting really excited about his return. I can't wait to move into our apartment and set up our home and be together!! It's the smallest things which make me the happiest. His random kisses, his excited hugs coupled with that brilliant smile, his sweet voice telling me he loves me so much just so I don't forget it. Instead of always saying, "I miss" this or that, I can start saying, "I can't wait" for this or that. He's almost home... It's not too long now.

So here is my list of "I can't wait..." be in our place somewhere and yelling out his name to have him come running over just to hug and kiss me. watch movies with him on Friday nights when neither of us has to get up early the next morning.
...for his arms to wrap around me when he's half asleep in bed just because he wants to cuddle with his wife. go out and spend our last few spendable dollars on a nice meal together or a $2 movie because we need to get out of the house and we work hard for the money. go grocery shopping together and go behind him as he's picking things out to get the cheaper brand of the same thing (and hear him say, "Aw! Good job, baby. That's why I married you!"). sit in his lap while he plays games on the computer because even though he's practically addicted, he still wants to be with me. watch the entire season of Grey's Anatomy in our free time and talk over the trials of Meredith and Christina. take a walk in the neighborhood together and watch Samson try to lead. talk about everything that happened in our respective days, nodding and going "Oh my gosh, he did what?" at the appropriate moments. go outside and greet him with a kiss and a smile when I see his car come up the road. get all curled up in those big arms the minute he sits down.
...for him to play with Samson when he gets home and Sam is all excited. get a call from him while he's at work letting me know I can go have lunch with him if I leave the house that minute. celebrate 4-day weekends with a road trip and an overnight stay in NY or D.C. BBQ and watch him work his magic on a chicken. entertain friends together in our home. make dinner for him and hear his sweet praises of whatever I make - even if it's Tyson chicken breasts and mashed potatoes. get into little arguments and work it out together, sitting on the couch discussing it and holding each other until we're closer than we were when we started. pray together, in person. read our Bibles together and learn from his wisdom.
...for our life to be better than ever, together physically as well as spiritually.

So now you have read just a few of the many, many things that I am looking forward to. Things that make my life so incredible. The things that keep me from ever wanting anyone else's life.