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Friday, May 28, 2010

God Aches for Us

“Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…”

How often this little tune plays over our stories during the rocky course of our lives. Our pains individual, our sorrows secret, our hurts tucked beneath the coats we spend so much time weaving. A person holding a sign on the side of the road twitches like a junkie, but weeps for his beloved children

Not About the Butterflies

When a person gets married there is a feeling of excitement, beyond hopeful, almost arrogant. There is seemingly nothing in the world too complicated to navigate. It is a beautiful sort of naivety. A kind which carries the couple through unbrushed teeth and makeup-less faces. It sweetly calms a new marriage with superficial triumphs - that feeling of a "special love" allows a bride or a groom to easily forgive things which would under

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mystery by Brooke Fraser

Note: These are not official lyrics.

I want to get your words stuck in my head
I want to touch your soul with mine
I want to always be, be by you led always

Trusting God Isn't Always Easy

Now and again you hear or read something which matches words to a cry of your spirit. I listened to Mystery by Brooke Fraser for probably the 20th time, but last night it just fit the mold to perfection.

Sometimes our most basic desire shines through: to be loved. We want so badly to feel