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{Poppa} Gabe: The Crunchy Instigator

Gabe is my hero. We became good friends when we were in high school and I harbored one serious crush for a long time before he came around. He showed me that faith in God was not enhanced by following rules that were not in the Bible. He showed me how to seek truth and not dogma. We got married young {I was 18, he was 20}, but I still think it was the best decision!

He has not stopped teaching me since that first conversation in 2002. He is a natural leader (and we know this because he never seeks out leadership positions, but is always in one). He is also a natural learner and teacher. He has a true gift: he can relay lofty concepts in simple, understandable terms. I am so grateful to be the beneficiary of his mind! And our children could not have it any better!

And on that note, he also has a blog! He does some teaching on there as well as processing his thoughts and I highly recommend you follow it!

Gabe is also a visionary kind of man. He has lots of great ideas and most of the "weird" things we do started with a conversation in which he probably said something like, "So what would you think of..."

The plan was to wait at least 5 years to have kids. We had an amazing first year. We grew so much, we loved so purely, God was definitely in our midst. He left for a 15 month tour in Afghanistan exactly one week after our 1st anniversary. When he came back he got out and we moved to California. The economy tanked almost as we drove into the state and the jobs he was hoping to find were gone. So he left for another year long deal in Afghanistan as a contractor. When he came home from that we packed up and headed north to Spokane, Washington so he could go to Gonzaga University to study Engineering.  Almost 5 years on the dot, we found out we were pregnant with "Baby Berry."

A few things about Gabe:
He really, really loves reading articles about bible stuff and end-of-the-world stuff.
He is very sarcastic. I'm the only person who can fully decipher him. Sometimes our friends will look at me to figure out if he's being serious.
He likes his food with a LOT of flavor.
He hates getting RJ dressed because it stresses him out when he has to pull shirts over her head.
He has an exceptional vocabulary.
He did wrestling, football, track, rugby, theater and dance in High School. Everybody loved him.
He is rather inexpressive when he gets surprised or excited about a gift or something. When he's talking about plans to escape Zombies, though, he is lit up like a firecracker!


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