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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Loving the New Normal

Ah, what a wonderful life we lead! This whole transition from "deployment mode" to.... whatever you call this. It certainly isn't what it was before the deployment; we really had to start from scratch when he got back. It was messy and confusing.... we had both changed and adapted to the pseudo-marriage we were a part of for so long. We had to re-learn each other and get back to our foundation - thank the Lord that He is our Rock, our foundation and that He provides the ultimate "couples counseling." :-D He's continuing to bless us. We prayed that He would strengthen us and bring us closer to Him and to one another and He is! God answers prayer - don't let anybody tell you different.

So the news is that we are moving to California - as far as we know. Gabe is looking to get out of the Army within the next few weeks and unless we see a burning bush or something we are heading West! The ironic part is that I finally decided I didn't hate North Carolina. But it will be so wonderful to be back in paradise. Gabe is applying to law enforcement agencies throughout CA but we're hoping he works in Monterey County. And the most awesome part about it is that our dear friends the Balls are moving out there, too (Levi is getting out of the Army in October). Beth and I really became family during the deployment and our men have quickly become friends as well - we even had a "family meeting" about what we were all planning on doing post-Army and after that God made it abundantly clear to them that they are going to California! It has been so awesome to see things come together. I am growing increasingly excited about the move. God has taken me from a place of fear and anxiety to joy and excitement - Gabe and I for the first time since this was all talked about are on the same page with regards to our civilian life and it is all because we serve Jehovah.

I'll write more later - we are headed out to blockbuster. :-)

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