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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hunting for Trees

No, no. A Christmas tree (according to Kaleb) must be cut down by the person who will eventually adorn it with twinkle lights and stick wrapped gifts underneath it. "If I don't actually kill the tree I take home it's not a real Christmas tree," says he and so instead of going to a Home Depot or one of the many parking lot tree stops within 2 miles of our house we went to the definitive woods (which happened to be "owned" by someone, but who can own nature, really?) to find a victim ourselves and chop it down.... I am sounding opposed to it. I wasn't. I was only opposed to the mud.

Our tree is out there.... somewhere....

Kaleb looking mad. Probably because he realized that his nostalgia was a lot less work in his head.

Kaleb and Dad doing a great job with the lights.


Dad putting on the Angel.

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