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Monday, December 29, 2008

Flowering Tea

My dear and loving husband decided to get the internet; there are a few reasons for this: he is in the process of applying to law enforcement agencies up and down the state which require extensive background information (such as old transcripts, estranged family members' addresses and phone numbers, etc.). We are also quite disconnected from important things like bills and our banking. So, with some restrictions, we are now online again.

Which is why Beth and I sit here on the couch updating our blogs… life is good.

Life is good… I haven't explained our situation yet. Of course we are in California, enjoying the mountains and the weather like never before. We are also staying with our friends. And though I have said it before, we feel very blessed to have friends such as them and we are incredibly grateful to be staying here. Gabe is hoping to find a job soon – as I said he's applying all over the state for police work – we are really hopeful that he (and Levi) will be able to work in Monterey County, but wherever God takes us is fine. The wonderful thing about marrying a Gabriel Sedberry is that a Gabriel Sedberry will always try to do God's will. So I rest easy knowing that my husband will guide us… In fact, I have been almost unsettled by the peace I have had about our circumstance. God has granted me the calmness I have wanted for so long… of course I worry about other things (some frivolous, some out of my control and some very real and heavy) instead, but the thing which has the potential for the most sleepless nights, the most stomach aches and migraines has not claimed even one since we have been here and for that I am also very, very grateful.

Since I became a bona fide coffee drinker (and for good reason if I do say so myself), Gabe was in need of a soothing beverage to befriend. And Levi, being a "Ninja Partner" and all, saw this flowering tea set at Costco and decided to get it for him. So whilst my Person and I type fervently away at our laptops, our husbands stand in the kitchen discussing the merits of lemon and remarking on their rather anticlimactic drink (here I was thinking an actual flower would blossom right before our eyes). Throughout the past two years – and I do mean in, around, over, under; truly throughout – Beth and I have been either dreaming of or experiencing these simple moments with our husbands and so I am seeing… Some things never change. Our living arrangements have changed, our side of the country has changed, our income, our hearts, our families, but the effortless and compact moments that define our happiness have not. Seeing Ayden smile lightens our burdens. Hearing the guys talk about rabies or theology (sometimes related) reminds us that life goes on. Dressing up in camo and making everyone think we have been kidnapped while giggling in the closet makes a memory that will cheer us up when things get tough. I think God grants us these sweet moments (and the ability to appreciate them) because He knows that sometimes it seems unbearable to us down here. And sometimes we don't need to talk about it or even to pray about it (though it always helps). Sometimes we just need to remember that it's not all difficult.

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