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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Walking With The Dude

Auntie K and Ayden were long due for some quality time together so we went on a nice after-rain walk! It was fun to get Ayden all zipped and buttoned up in cozy clothes (and then of course back into his PJs afterward because his cozy clothes got all wet). We hunted for puddles and climbed the playground and had some very deep converstations on existential ponderings... Ok, not so much the last one, but we did have a lot of fun! Evidenced by the smiles and plethora of "wooow" exclamations.

That actually is a smile. He was trying to say "Mom," smile and deal with the wind.

And this is when he was wondering why Auntie K is taking pictures instead of jumping in puddles...

Hunting puddles is an extremely serious business.

Another smile I caught the funny end of. He discovered especially leafy leaves.

At first the drain made him a little nervous, but after I showed him that it could hold me he cautiously stepped on it... then I could not get him to get off!

Playground! He got up that high all on his own.

He's pretty much an angel.

Yay for puddles!!

He was reluctant to follow me.

:-) Buddies.

He tried to pick a flower for Mommy but they were too small and the crumbled.

Gymnastics perhaps?

His awareness of Santa is lacking.... He was thoroughly confused.

It was a perfect day.

On the way home: he did not act up at all.

"Nope... this puddle won't do."

"This one might!"

It's long road, bud.

I'm so grateful for family!

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