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Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's the Holiday Season....

Christmas would not be so if it were not for the sea of gift wrap and the endless decorating. This year, as we are staying at the Ball's house, we shared these uh, sweet memories with them. Actually, in all honesty these are really some of our first memories of this kind since we have not been together like this... well, ever. Our very first Christmas, though wonderful, was 2 days after our wedding so was quite hectic. Our second Christmas was split between Gabe's family and my divorcing parents (ah, the joys of marriage). Our third Christmas was spent online as Gabe was in Afghanistan. So here we are on our fourth Christmas and it is truly the first time we have felt as though it is as it should be. We are most certainly not rushing around to get in as many visits as we can (because nobody wants a visit when you live somewhere) and we are absolutely not separated this year. And it is so appropriate that we share this significant occasion with the Beth, Levi and Ayden (and Winston, too) since they have become the family we (especially I) need.

Gabe was doing a wonderful job wrapping gifts. It was just so incredibly comfortable having him there doing holiday things... It was nice not to do them by myself or as a guest in someone's house.

Oh yes, that is ballet... The Nutcracker actually.

Beth working on her "Mom" stocking. :-)

Levi giving Gabe a smile... They're Ninja Partnas.... I have to spell it like that or I might get choked out in my sleep.

I'm not sure why Beth was holding the sock monkey, but she was and Gabe took a picture.

Hmm... Maybe I could hide in the bag.

Poor Sammy... He would have loved to help but he is lacking some essential digits.

The stockings we decorated for one another 2 years ago - I was thrilled to see them again!

I love my angel! 3 years and loving him more every day.

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