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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Second Leg - with the Grand Canyon!

And not just that, but also the UFO museum!

Samson had his own water bottle and he perfected his drinking skills.

The models are operating on the alien!

I guess it was in a movie...

It's not a real UFO, but it sure is convincing right? Right??

Yeah, I totally discovered it in the middle of a desert cave.

Outside the Museum...

Also outside the museum. Sam had to pee.

New Mexico dusk... that's a bridge.

Cave dwelling land.

He likes it, really.

Sleeping with his leg in his mouth. I assume the dog equivalent of sucking one's thumb.

Like mommy, like doggy!

He was very excited that he could get out at this tourist attraction... so he wrapped me up in his leash.

At attention because dad was in the bathroom.

Aww! I love my pup!

Keeping an eye out for me.

The canyon.

We love each other. :-)

Samson lives on the edge.

Man's Best Friend

Coming home!

Ah... I love California.

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