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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our World

Well, after the episode yesterday we were not going to be deterred today. We first went to Moss Landing (found some wonderful beaches there, but they wouldn't allow Sam and the one that did was a little crowded). Then we went to "our" beach, Rio Del Mar in Aptos - the beach that was once the most polluted int the state.. ha ha. But now it is clean and very inviting. It was also not too populated for it being New Year's Eve... All I had

was my phone, but we took some pictures nonetheless. It was so perfect (and needed) to run around, chase birds, splash in the water, snap some photos... Samson seriously loved the ocean! He likes to chase the foam, but when he catches it the salt bugs him so he spends more time trying to rid his mouth of the taste than he did putting the taste in there. But he quickly goes back to catch more waves... It was just awesome. Our little family needed such a day and even though I didn't get much thinking or writing done, I find myself believing it was exactly the day I was supposed to have. God is so good.... I appreciate my boys so much.

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  1. Krys! Your pictures are great! I didnt spend new years EVE at the beach, I did take my boy to Santa Monica for new years day! It was great fun, tho we spent more time wandering around the promenade instead of sitting on the beach...

    I just officially started using this blog... I'm excited! Yours looks great!


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