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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

Well, here is our Christmas - in pictures.

First things first - wake up, Uncle Gabe!!

Beth reading Ayden the letter from Santa.

"What is this??"

I love my husband... so much.

He wasn't quite sure what to think of everything.

Ayden playing with one of his Santa gifts.

Gabe was happy with his stocking. :-)

Levi said that Ninja Partners are immune to bad luck.

His voice recorder!

Reading the letter Gabe wrote me... it was beautiful.

I almost cried.

Yay! Presents!

I don't know what this face was...

Ayden got a lot of books!

The Ball Family.

Beth got "Night at the Museum."

Sammy had a great Christmas.

Gabe's quesadilla maker!

Lots of gifts!

The guys made breakfast (mostly for the balls, we had breakfast at Dad's too).

I get a nutcracker every year from my dad and he said that just because we don't have a house for one this year doesn't mean the tradition gets broken... see: Coffee mug. :-)

My best friend! I love her.

At Dad's house; Kaleb looking like he just rolled out of bed... as usual. :-P

Lots of presents!

Sammy wanted some Christmas love.

Me and Dad.

Samson was tired.

Gabe opening his first Santa gift.

Dad reading the thing I made him.

We got Kaleb a nice suede coat - I was very excited about giving it to him.

Hehehe... I love our dog.

Gabe (in his "Afghani Christmas Hat") playing chess against Johnathan.

Josh had his star trek legos all over the rug - it was quite a chore to walk through them.

The cousins :-)

Gabe with his Grandma Jean and his Momma. It was wonderful to see them together.

Gabe and his cousin Jenny.

End of the day.... Back at the Balls and winding down.

Where's Ayden??


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