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Monday, November 10, 2008

First Leg of the Journey

So we left our friends and began our journey to California (feeling quite kin to the pioneers of former days - it was a very bumpy ride). First stop: Texas! Gabe drove through one entire night, took a nap in the morning and then drove another full day.

Samson switched sides every hour or so. This was Daddy's turn. :-)

Talledega? Some raceway.

Gabe enjoying some continental breakfast.

Yes, I made this waffle and I was proud.

Me trying to take a picture with Samson....

We're heeeeeerre!

One of the window decorations which accompanied us on the trip.

He was having a very good nap.

Samson in a wig!! Or me kissing him. :-)

Gorgeous sunset on Gabe's birthday!

Birthday Dinner on the patio.

Gabe's Birthday Margarita.

Gramdad looking quite serious.

Grandma Sylvia - she was chewing and I took a picture. Sorry, Grandma Sylvia! But it's the only one I have. lol

We went out just the two of us for his birthday!


Sammy and Sydney!
Awww - we need another doggy. :-)

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