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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Goodbyes are never fun....

...unless of course you're saying goodbye to the Army and you happen to be friends with the Walkers!

First Gabe and I went to Ft. Bragg to get the famous "Dragon Stamp."

Gabe eating some breakfast - in a very good mood.

Signing out!

A giant copy of the DD214 (won't miss all those stinkin' acronyms).
Anxiously waiting for his name to be called for the stamp.

His final signature!
Just had to take a picture of this.... Can't eat, but there are vending machines..... lol

Happy kisses!

Then the Walkers threw us a party!

Kirsty made this without a mold or anything!!! Yeah, she's amazing.

Us with our cake. :-)

Angus loves his big brother.

And we feast! This is after all how Gabe got out of the Army.

Rod and Kirsty making his famous jalepano, shrimp things.

Big tough soldiers catering to the cute little puppy. hehe


Gabe and Travis - it was really great to see them.

Casey trying to get his team to guess what's on the paper.

Rod, Casey, Gabe and Chuy.

All the boys! Chuy, Jimmy, Josh, Casey, Gabe, Shaw, Rod and Santiago (a few are actually first names!)

Casey and Charlie playing.

And on the Sunday before we left we made sure to say our farewells to some very special people.

The wonderful Smedburgs.

Tandy and I - she is such a great friend! I love her!!

Jason and Gabe. :-)


Terri and Gabe are copying us.... Probably because they're jealous of our awesome hugging skills. :-P

Lee, Shawna, me and Gabe... we'll miss them. :-(

Gabe's regular smile and Lee's zoolander smile.

Shawna and I - another wonderful friend I will miss greatly.

The not so fun part...... but Josh and Kirsty are the kind of friends that don't go away - even with 3,000 miles. :-) They are just plain fantastic and we love them!

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