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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Officially Out as of October 24!

Well.... FINALLY.... Gabe got his orders!! We are officially Army free on October 24, 2008! And for inquiring minds: it is an honorable discharge. Details on the move will be coming soon, but for now we had to party! Which for us means having a couple friends over and eating way too much dessert while drinking some sparkling wine. So we're homebodies... :-) It was a lot of fun and the reason for it made the night that much better! And I should also add that God always keeps His promises. I hope we never forget how He got us through this.

Gabe reading his orders.

The glasses with not only the official 82nd Airborne symbol, but also the Signal Company flash (which is now non-existent...)

How many soldiers does it take to open a champagne bottle?

Gabe's so happy with his celebratory wine!

Gabe's little toast.... Don't judge; he was giddy from the news and the alcohol. Mostly the news. :-P


Kissy kissy!
The Walkers! We are going to miss them so much. :-(

Josh and Gabe

Kirsty and I... it's blurry because Gabe took the picture and it is very fair to say he was a bit tipsy.

The Walkers and the Sedberrys. We love you guys!

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  1. Oh yay! I am so excited for you guys! You deserve this so much. I guess God really understands the whole delayed gratification thing, because you two look soooooooooo happy now. Congrats on all you've made it through, and best of wishes for your promising new future!


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