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Thursday, October 9, 2008

One Last Jump

Because we are getting out soon, my loving husband was very excited to see a Casa plane flying around above us on our drive home from base. Apparently it doesn't happen all that much. So we went to the drop zone and we caught a really cool jump! THEN (because I think God wanted us to see something so cool) they just happened to also be doing a HALO jump which is very very rare to see! HALO stands for High Altitude, Low Opening (something like that). These guys train so that they jump out above radar and release their shutes below it... or something like that... lol Anyway they have amazing control over their direction and everything. They had a tiny little spot to land in and they all did it - well, a couple went a little further but I'm pretty sure it was on purpose. And - the coolest part - they land on their feet!! Just like James Bond! I was amazed... Anyway! Here are some pictures!

A little random, but we were waiting for them to jump and this Praying Mantis flew on us... and then I went to take it's picture and it seriously turned it's creepy little head and stared at me!!


The super-sweet video of the HALO jumpers:


  1. I wish I were there to celebrate...I'm jealous......

    But happy happy day!!!!!! I am so excited and proud of you two! Way to stick it to the man. See you on the west coast!!!

    Oh- and my bro does Halo....wonder if he was there...

  2. We wish you were, too! But we'll celebrate in CA! :-D


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