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Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Gone to the Dogs

We (Gabe, me, Josh and Kirsty) went to the Dog Park in Southern Pines! All this time we didn't know it was there!! Anyway, it was huge and beautiful and the dogs (Charlie, Samson and Angus) all had a really fun time. They were completely exhausted... at least until we got home and they found a ball. haha Anyway, here are some pictures! All I had was my cell phone so forgive the poor resolution.

Angus facing off one of the big boys.

Well.... the stick was about as long as he was, but that didn't stop him from trying to not only fetch it, but try to run as fast as Sam and Charlie with it!

Angus sniffing around... he couldn't keep up with the boys. :-)

Samson was quite tuckered out.

Charlie - always seeing what's going on!

Hahaha... Angus kept tripping over himself in the grass.

Aw I love my dog!

Angus loves Samson! And Samson tolerates Angus. :-P

Even the energetic puppy got tired!

This picture isn't doing that dog justice; he was a monster! He made our German Shepherd mixes look like puppies!

Samson with the giant dog. Kirsty actually thought it was a miniature horse from across the field.

Best buds!

No, sadly, Winston wasn't there. But I had to put up a picture of him to let him know that Samson hasn't forgotten about him and that he was with us in spirit. :-)

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