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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Huge Surprise!

So my mom has been hinting behind knowing, excited smiles that *something* would be coming in the mail for us. We didn't know what it could be, but our biggest, most stretched guess wasn't even in the ballpark. The UPS truck came by and when I saw her carrying the box up to the porch I was just shocked. The travel system I have been practically drooling over since December when I picked it out from among about 20 similar travel systems was on the box. And it is in the color I actually wanted, but couldn't register for (and since we're buying off the registry because of the post-shower discount, figured I couldn't get) because it wasn't available. So we now have a stroller and car seat!! 

As it turns out, this generous gift was given to us by Gramma & Grandpa Eoff, Aunt Kelli & Uncle Rick, Aunt Beth & Uncle Chris, and Aunt Becky & Uncle Jim. They all went in on it and gave us such a blessing! This is seriously the one item we were most excited to get - it's starting to feel real now! 

The place where Mommy's coffee will go when we are out and about. :o) 

Where Baby Berry's cute little head will be. 

The mesh window I'll look through and see our kid.... For some reason that is just too cool to me. 

One of the big selling points: it lays down to a full bassinet so we have a place for naps when we're on the go - or just so BB can lay down on walks. 

Another cool feature: the snack tray is removable so we can throw it in the dishwasher. 

Nice big basket because we all know I will fill it. 


The seat clicks in SO easily. I can literally put it in and take it out with one hand. 

The "parent tray" which also has the one-handed collapse handle. Super easy to collapse or pull up. 

It's current home so I can stare at it all day. ;o)

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