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Friday, March 4, 2011

Dreaming Ahead

I spend a lot of time making sure that I don't come across too ignorant - I know I'm ignorant and I know there is plenty about motherhood that I will not even come close to understanding until I'm in the middle of it. I don't want to offend any current mothers or burn any mommy bridges before I cross them so I won't ever claim to know more than I do. However, in my caution, I am also ridiculously excited. Over the moon excited. I'm as ready as I'll ever be and I can't help but focus on the things to come - most
specifically the positive things... I'm a bit of an optimist. So the following is a list of things I am eagerly anticipating! 

  • Baby Berry's hair. Between my straight, lighter brown 'do and Gabe's nearly-black curly locks it should be interesting to see what he (or she) gets!
  • Little fingers and toes. It sounds cliche, but I can't wait to wiggle, tickle, kiss and wash those precious little digits with their teeny tiny nails.
  • BB's eyes. I can't wait to see what color they are and get to learn his character and emotions through them.
  • Seeing Samson with the new addition. I'm excited to see how George interacts as well, but we've had Samson since before we were married. He's more of a Sedberry than we are! I so look forward to seeing how Samson welcomes the newest member of the pack. 
  • Going to Target. It's a thing. I'm excited.
  • Doing housework. I know that sounds weird, but it's one of those everyday things that I was excited to do as a wife and now I'm excited to do as a mom... 
  • Singing to Baby Berry. Maybe someday he or she will sing with me. :o)
  • Nap time noises. When Beth and I were doing our getting-through-deployment thing together, nap time would go like this: getting Ayden down with whispers, turning on the lullaby player and then the monitor, and chores/hanging out while listening to Ayden get to sleep with his lullabies playing. I loved that time. I don't know what we will have, but I look forward to hearing that monitor knowing that Baby Berry is safely dreaming in the other room while I make his home a home. 
  • Seeing Gabe hold his kid. That's probably the number one thing I'm looking forward to... Just being a parent with him. 
  • Going on walks as a family. 
  • Visiting California. I cannot wait to take BB to the beach, the lake, to my Gramma's house... All the places that were so much a part of my own childhood. It will be special indeed to see our child there. 
  • Mini clothes.
  • Baby 'Berry's personality. Who knows what we will get?? 
  • Date Night. It may sound bizarre, but I look forward to leaving the baby for a couple of hours and coming back. Even though we will probably think and talk about him the whole time (especially at first), I like the thought of being parents even when we aren't with our kid.
  • Visits from family. I can't wait for this little one to meet all the people who adore him even now. The friends and family who have offered so much love and support and have been anxiously awaiting his arrival. 
  • Much, much more.... 

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