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Monday, January 26, 2009

Inauguration Day

Something I made with various photos I found online and
don't know where to credit... Sorry. 
Election day was exciting. For the first time our country elected a member of an ethnic minority as its President. I look forward to one day telling our children and our grandchildren that we were there, that we took part in history. Neither Gabe or I voted for Barack Obama (if you're curious we voted for Chuck Baldwin), but I cannot deny that I was proud
of my country for judging this man based on "the content of his character" rather than the color of his skin.

Which is why I looked forward to Inauguration Day. I was excited to witness that bit of history as well. To see this man who, aside from being black, had inspired hope in a lot of Americans. No matter who you wanted to be standing there on January 20th it is quite clear that the nation as a whole was anxiously anticipating Obama's swearing in. That millions of people who are dissatisfied and worn down feel, for whatever reason, comfort and... well, hope because of him.

Whatever the next 4-8 years holds for my country I will always be proud that the civil rights movement was not wasted on her. Whatever kind of president this man turns out to be I am proud that my country elected him because, at least at the time, he seemed to be the more honorable man. I'm proud that what would have disallowed a black man to even get into the right schools in order to run for president was not a deterrent in electing him to the same. And I am so incredibly proud that American men like Martin Luther King, Jr. stood up for rights that he would never be able to enjoy.

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