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Sunday, January 11, 2009

But Wait! There's more....

Gabe and I have a home! Well, we have an apartment which we will quickly make our home. We have been extremely grateful to the God who provides; grateful to the God who would not allow us to be homeless during this transition and put people in our lives to help us, but now we are overjoyed at the prospect of starting our life here in California. We have honestly no complaints. Even though it has been sort of a limbo kind of world for us since we left North Carolina in October (really longer than that because we had no idea when or if we
would ever get out) we have not once been sorry for our situation. That is most definitely not a prideful statement: I know that it's been and will continue to be God who, for grace, gives us that peace, but I am so glad to be married to a man who trusts Him so... Gabe gives me the strength to trust God when I don't see the road ahead (and if you know me well you know I like to have a plan... and lists, I really enjoy lists...). God is really teaching me that "be content no matter what" lesson. I definitely have a long way to go, but I'm so thankful to have a Father to take me by the hand.

All of that to say that we are done waiting for a place to live. On Wednesday we will move in to our sweet 1 bedroom, 1 bath upstairs apartment with a fireplace and a remodeled, beautiful kitchen and bathroom. And we will put up our pictures, install our television, hook up the coffee maker (oh yes) and claim our little stake in the world. God is so good - it is bigger and nicer than any of the other ones that would have taken Samson (even than most who wouldn't)... it's fabulous - I really can't brag on God enough - I am so amazed at what He does for us.

I cannot wait to nest! The guys are going to move all the stuff in on Wednesday... I can't wait! And we are signing a one year lease which means that we cannot leave for a year... This is a relief to me. In our Raeford house we were there for just under a year before Gabe left and my world was jolted. Then at the Aberdeen apartment Gabe got there 3 months after myself so we were only there together for about 7 months. And then for the past few months we've been at other peoples' houses so I am extremely jazzed to be stuck somewhere for at the very least a whole year. We will have birthdays, holidays, parties in this place for an entire year... Thank the Lord! Although hopefully Gabe will go to the Academy soon and that will be 6 months apart. However I am not whatsoever concerned with that seperation - I will still see him on weekends and the fact of the matter is we've done it before on a much bigger scale so I'm actually rather excited to see him go off to the Academy. Instead of crying myself to sleep I will be thanking God that Gabe is on his way... unless of course God has other plans for us.... so just wait, there's always more...

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  1. So happy for you both! Hope everything works out with the Academy soon. We miss you both so much - NC is just not the same without the Sedberrys!


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