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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

Another special day! Gabe and I have not had a Valentine's Day together in 2 years and the one we did have together (which was the only in our 5 year relationship) was rather sad as he worked all day. So this year was especially importat to us. Gabe had a test to take for the CHP in the morning (which gave me time to clean and get pretty) and he returned with those roses and my favorite beverage from Starbucks (my man knows me)! It was so

sweet! He proceeded to make a fabulous breakfast for us - complete with hashbrowns, french toast, bacon and flaky biscuits! He completely spoils me....

In the afternoon Kaleb came over and hung out... Beth and I conspired a little and went out on a shopping trip which proved very successful. Part of it was getting the guys both out of the house so we could set up our surprises - Gabe had no idea! I got out all the candles, some wine, cookies and when he came home we had a wonderful, romantic, fun, memorable evening. The best part was really just being together. I will always be grateful for the Army and for the deployment in this way: it helps us appreciate the times we get to spend with one another. The night ended with the first half of Mamma-Mia and some very tasty red margaritas (compliments of Gabe). Isn't love wonderful?

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