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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Speckled Hands

Beth and I have done it. Almost. Her house gets inspected tomorrow and she will inevitably be charged something because it's the Army and they're pretty much heartless. But we did in nonetheless. With our small frames and our nonexistent muscles we moved an entire house (nix the big furniture) from point A to point B. Not so hard you say? Try doing it in North Carolina summertime with a screaming newborn and no outside help. :-) Girl power!

No, really: God power. The more I think about it, the more amazed I am that we did this. I mean I was literally past exhaustion today. Every step was painful. Both Beth and I felt like lying down on the cold, hard floor and not getting back up. Yet we got through it. How? God was with us, I am sure of this. He was giving us the strength to do it and the energy we needed (even though it doesn't seem like it, we had more energy than we should have). Sure we complained and we were hurt and upset that people let us down, but in the end the job is done (almost all the way - we have a couple things to put in storage again).

Now we can look back and laugh... which is pretty much all we did once we finally sat down. We giggled at everything because that's what you do when you're delirious. And we went all gaga over our husbands - thinking about how they'd be making us tea and rubbing our sore muscles right now. We talked about how great and sweet they are and how understanding. Gabe is so appreciative... it's wonderful. It is so empowering to know that someone believes in me. He truly believes that I can do anything. He thinks that if it's put on my plate, I'm going to handle it with all the grace and maturity it requires. It's a very cool affirmation... and the coolest part is that I know I can't disappoint him there. If I fall short, if I mess up, he is understanding and sweet. He doesn't suddenly think I am incapable. He thinks I'm human and I am allowed some room for mistakes. He is so amazing... why did God decide to bless me so young with such a marvelous man?

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