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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Raychel Joye's Dedication

Emmaus Baby!
Last Sunday was Raychel's baby dedication. It's the first at Emmaus so I am kind of stoked that she is now the official Emmaus Baby. :P

For us, a dedication it is a public acknowledgment that our daughter is a gift. One which we fully intend on giving back to the Giver (i.e.: God). It's an act of consecration and solidarity. We know that we will fail in a million ways, but we commit to do our best to raise her up not only to know the Lord, but to follow Him.

When we married, Gabe and I made promises to one another - that we would remain faithful, that we would cherish each other, that we would serve and love in spite of life's toils. We took very seriously the act of marrying because it is a lifelong journey. We certainly have not been perfect in upholding our vows, but it remains the standard. Now we take very seriously the act of parenting because it shapes another's lifelong journey.

We have no control over the decisions she'll make. Our highest hope is that we will equip her well for the time when she is to make her choice about Jesus. Just as God molds us and presents His grace and truth daily so that we may freely choose to trust Him, we (with His help) will mold Raychel and teach her the truth so that she may freely choose likewise. If we accomplish our commission  she will have the information and the wisdom to love the Lord with everything she has. It isn't a guarantee, but it is the only response to a most high calling.

With that, we soberly and joyfully invite you, our brothers and sisters, to pray with us over Raychel Joye. The following thoughts are taken from a prayer that David asked us to write for Raychel and they reflect our highest hopes for her. For all of our family, near and far, this is a way that you can influence her life for the Kingdom and we appreciate your intercession. It means something to us because she is our most precious treasure and I believe it means something to God because she is most beloved by the Father.

We ask that your Kingdom – both here and coming – would reign in her life while she is with us in our home and when she goes to make her own. Let your desire for your Raychel be fulfilled completely just as your desire for your Kingdom will be fulfilled completely.

Please continue to provide for all of Raychel's needs. Help us to trust you in every situation and teach her also to trust you in everything.

Please forgive Raychel when she sins against you and bring her early into your grace. Help her to quickly forgive those who hurt her and teach her to communicate your love to them. Let her count herself as insignificant among others that she would be significant to you.

We know that she will wander, but we ask that you would protect her from evil. Protect her from the dark influences of the world, the culture and our failings. Deliver her quickly from any snares she may fall into. Above all, please help her daily to keep her eyes set on you as she navigates her life on earth.
Bring her into Glory; let us worship you together for eternity. Let your Kingdom reign in her heart and everywhere.

Gabe reciting our prayer with some of the people from our little community standing with us.

David going through some commitments for us, our community and the church body to make for RJ.
She was happy as long as she had Sophie {the giraffe}.

Monica {a.k.a. Supermom} with RJ. 

First Emmaus Baby Dedication! They also got us a really beautiful frame/plaque with her name and the date engraved on it. It was truly a special occasion! 

Clearly Raychel had a good time.

We love the Vons!

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  1. Krysann, I just have to say how much I enjoy your photos, your posts, etc. I'm really happy that our paths crossed.

    Be Blessed


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