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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Different Kind of Anniversary

On March 16, 2008 Gabe came back from a 15 month deployment to Afghanistan. After an excruciating separation we finally became whole again. Little did we know that our battle wasn't over. We have fought - hard - for this marriage during the past 2 years. During the deployment and for a long while after we seemed to find ourselves trying to hurtle obstacle after obstacle. It was exhausting. I thought the hard part

was over when he got home, but we still had a lot to talk about, to learn, to teach each other and a lot to give over to God. During the past 2 years we have not been able to really just enjoy each other the way we did in our first year of marriage. We did not goof around as often or in the same innocent way as we did before he left. It seemed like life was just too full of stress and tension to be carefree.

So March 16, 2009 was very special to us. And because God was smiling on us as He always has we had a beautiful day in which to celebrate our reunion anniversary. We both felt so.... joyful.

We went to the park and acted silly just because. There is no doubt that we have been through a lot, but it was so wonderful to be reminded of the deep friendship and sublime love that we host as members of this marriage. And it was very appreciated that we were able to celebrate such an important and joyful day in our life together in such a simple and basic way... because after all, the last 2 years of transition really boils down to getting down to the basics: back to the reasons we got married in the first place. And I can honestly, even earnestly say that our marriage has a tested and sound foundation.

Pretty green grass!

Tyra calls this "fierce."

All you need is love.

He's a stud.

Over 3 years and blessed each day in a new way.

We love each other.

I see you...


He didn't want to get his pants dirty....

"Be the tree...."

Gabe is the definition of fierce.

He also flies.

Ending a beautiful day with a perfect fondu dinner.

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