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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Second Leg - with the Grand Canyon!

And not just that, but also the UFO museum!

Samson had his own water bottle and he perfected his drinking skills.

The models are operating on the alien!

I guess it was in a movie...

It's not a real UFO, but it sure is convincing right? Right??

Yeah, I totally discovered it in the middle of a desert cave.

Outside the Museum...

Also outside the museum. Sam had to pee.

New Mexico dusk... that's a bridge.

Cave dwelling land.

He likes it, really.

Sleeping with his leg in his mouth. I assume the dog equivalent of sucking one's thumb.

Like mommy, like doggy!

He was very excited that he could get out at this tourist attraction... so he wrapped me up in his leash.

At attention because dad was in the bathroom.

Aww! I love my pup!

Keeping an eye out for me.

The canyon.

We love each other. :-)

Samson lives on the edge.

Man's Best Friend

Coming home!

Ah... I love California.

Texas Book Festival

Every year Austin hosts this really awesome event called the Texas Book Festival at the Capitol. We just happened to be there the weekend it was going on so we went and it was fabulous!

Isn't it gorgeous?


The first session we went to - "The War on American Ideals" which took place in the Senate Chamber.

The chandeliers say "TEXAS" around the base and are filled with stars - it was pretty neat.
Pretty fountain...

Gabe and the cannon comparing guns. :-)

Old-timey drinking fountain.

And of course, a book! Grandma Sylvia got me "The Heretic's Daughter" by Kathleen Kent and it is a really really good book.

Monday, November 10, 2008

First Leg of the Journey

So we left our friends and began our journey to California (feeling quite kin to the pioneers of former days - it was a very bumpy ride). First stop: Texas! Gabe drove through one entire night, took a nap in the morning and then drove another full day.

Samson switched sides every hour or so. This was Daddy's turn. :-)

Talledega? Some raceway.

Gabe enjoying some continental breakfast.

Yes, I made this waffle and I was proud.

Me trying to take a picture with Samson....

We're heeeeeerre!

One of the window decorations which accompanied us on the trip.

He was having a very good nap.

Samson in a wig!! Or me kissing him. :-)

Gorgeous sunset on Gabe's birthday!

Birthday Dinner on the patio.

Gabe's Birthday Margarita.

Gramdad looking quite serious.

Grandma Sylvia - she was chewing and I took a picture. Sorry, Grandma Sylvia! But it's the only one I have. lol

We went out just the two of us for his birthday!


Sammy and Sydney!
Awww - we need another doggy. :-)